PIZZERIA/STEAKHOUSE LA ROMA Restaurant, Pizzeria, Steakhouse

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4 sterren uit 1586 beoordelingen
16 nov 2019 om 19:50 Very good
13 nov 2019 om 21:18 SUPER VIES
7 nov 2019 om 8:54 Er zat serieus een haar in!!!! En hoezo doe je rauwe uien in een calzone shoarma? En ik had een extra knoflook saus besteld die ik niet kreeg. Wat zijn ze aan het doen daar joh?
6 nov 2019 om 14:12 Pizza tasted OK, bit wet with too many tomatoes. Also mozzarella would have been better than cheddar cheese. Garlic sauce thrown in the box and exploded over my pizza so not too happy!
29 okt 2019 om 14:31 I'm very disappointed. The pizza was cold and I waited 90 min. I received an SMS at 12:06 that the pizza will be delivered in 45 min. i called at 13:25, when I was told that it takes couple of min. I received at 13:38 a call from the delivery that arrived
28 okt 2019 om 15:32 Excellent pizza - lovely crispy base - delivered well within the given time frame. Highly recommend!
22 okt 2019 om 14:47 The food wasnt of high quality. I ordered oven pasta and it was cooked with too much cheese more in lines of fast food.